5 Awesome Online Tools Websites to Discover Now

janvier 15, 2022

Online tools websites


With the help of an online tools websites, you can write your articles or simply publish your content if it’s more visual (videos, infographic, audios,) in a more efficient way.

The devices are usually free to use and they provide you with all the tools you need to create a good content. You can use them to edit your text and make sure it is correct, format it for your blog and even put images and videos in it.

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The power of publishing

A single post can be life-changing. So, if you’ve got something going on in your life worth sharing with the world, don’t hesitate to use #brandname to let others in on what you're up to!

Creating engaging content is more of a challenge than it was ever before. Crafting compelling headlines may not be enough, unless your words are backed up with an interesting subject line.

Here are some of the most useful content tools to help you produce the perfect content that clicks.


In this post, we will discover some fantastic online tools websites we can use every day:


When it comes for your writing and grammar mistakes, Grammarly is perfect for that.


For entrepreneurs, teachers, youtubers who wants to share a video content showing their screen, Loom is a fantastic tool to use. It’s also ideal if you want to record your screen while explaining the content.


If you want to organize the tones of links you use with an awesome configuration, Symbaloo is a great tool for that. It’s an excellent website for organizing your favorite links in one page and by topic (popular in the United States)


Is widely regarded as the best video making tool in the world, according to many content creators, youtubers, and others. It includes 3D animations as well as an unlimited number of great and trendy scenes to use.


Is ideal for generating leads and delivering emails to customers or your target audience.

-Online entrepreneurs who needs everyday some useful online tools websites

-Managers who needs to create and share content

-Teachers who needs also to share content with their students

 -Influencers who needs to have a simple tools helping them to woow their audience.


Grammarly logo-online tool

Are you sure mastering English grammar? there is only one answer: No one is perfect.

I'm pretty sure each of us might like to write, right? This is probably the reason why you are reading this article. Are you sure you know all the basics of grammar and you can never go wrong?

Are you looking for a tool that will help you proofread the articles you have written?

So probably each of us makes mistakes correctly, it's a little embarrassing when someone points out our grammatical mistakes.

Even if you are a Shakespeare in writing for sure you will forget to write correctly some sentences due to distraction and less concentration.

 This online software can be used for free and there are several options for the paid versions.

Grammarly - correcting gramme online

So what is Grammarly? and how it works?

Grammarly is a comprehensive spelling and grammar checker that works with almost anything you type on the internet. The software is activated by entering any text edit field like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter or email, which highlights any errors in real time.

It's a paraphrase tool that uses artificial intelligence to help writers communicate more effectively. Millions of users around the world use Grammarly and helps them keeping their texts, social media posts, and documents simple, without errors.

And you know what? you can download for free the Chrome extension directly to your laptop and it will start working immediately and show the writing mistakes you are making.

According to similarweb, this online tool website is visited by 80 Million people every month and is ranking in the 385th place in the us.

Grammarly online tool website in similarweb


loom - online website tool

What is Loom? How we can use it for our daily tasks

Loom is an easy to use video messaging app. It's not like Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime as it's one-way which means you can only record yourself and your screen and then send the final video to others via a shareable link.

Loom gives more focus to share screen recording and business use.

For teachers:

The use of videos and screencasts in classroom instruction has become a lifeline for many teachers and students. User-friendly Loom lets you record your screen - anything on your screen - and share it quickly and easily with your students via a link or embed code.

Record directions once for students learning from home or in the classroom, allowing them to rewatch multiple times if needed.

Create short how-to videos, model exemplars of anything from poetry annotation to lab safety procedures, or send quick reminders home, adding calls to action to your videos as needed to direct viewers to additional resources or tasks.

Plus, the team feature makes it easy for colleagues to share the work of video creation. The personal touch of seeing a teacher's face not only serves to form better connections with students, colleagues, and families, but also saves loads of time and frustration.

This online tool website supports pretty much all platforms. It has a website, Chrome extensions, desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, the features offered by each app vary.

loom - online tool website

According to similarweb, Loom is visited by 13 Million people every month and is ranking in the 3394th place in the us.

loom online tool in similar web


Symbaloo - online tool website

Symbaloo is a "virtual desktop" to set up. Very easy to use and very visual, it allows you to aggregate all your favorite sites links into one or more pages. While there are many such aggregators, Symbaloo has the advantage of being easy to use.

SYMBALOO- online tool website dashboard

The sites you want to add come in the form of "blocks" that you can customize with a color or by adding an image from your own files. You can insert pages, search modules, RSS feeds ... to create a real virtual office that can be consulted anywhere.

The pages (or "webmix") thus created can be made public and shared by email, for example, and you can also search for webmixes designed by other Internet users on a particular topic in the public gallery. Everything is easily configurable.

According to similarweb, this online tool website is visited by 7.6 Million people every month and is ranking in the 6344th place in the us.

Symbaloo online tool website in similarweb

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Renderforest online tool website

Renderforest is a cloud-based platform for creating animations, slideshows, music videos, websites and logos. Users don’t need to have technical training to create websites, videos and logos with Renderforest.

It comes with over 400 professionally designed video templates for easy music video production.

Renderforest online tool website for videos

Easy to use, you can create animated videos, logos, mockups, graphics, website,…

In the platform you can a add Text option, through the scenes by clicking on the text supports and typing in the required text. It also has a music library to help you choose the perfect background sheet music for your video.

You can preview your project to see the final results before downloading the final version. This way you can make the necessary changes if needed.

The videos can be downloaded in 720/1080 pixels and also in 4K.

What about video animations?

Animation software are video editing tools that allow you to create and edit an animated video, adding visual or sound effects, music, speeches and more.

In Renderforest search for animation software, you will found many animations suggestions 3D or not.

You can find also videos scenes depending on the topic you are looking for social media tools, …

Here is detailed post about Rendeforest Review


Apollo.io online tool website

Apollo is a San Francisco-based software company and has a digital platform that helps businesses identify, analyze, and find new leads to contact for marketing purposes. Extensions are mini software included directly in browsers.

The Apollo extension allows you to search for email addresses and phone numbers directly on the web pages you browse specially on Linkedin.

To find the emails, just click on the extension and start your search. The extension allows you to enter a database giving you access to several information:


-Phone number

-The software their company are using, …

To use it, you must create an account.

Apollo.io has a large database with contact details for over 10 million businesses and 200 million people. It should also be noted that the database is updated every three months. The data is generally of good quality. Indeed, each email is subject to a 5-step verification process.

The online tool website makes it possible to search and sort companies by location but also by number of employees, by turnover, by fundraising etc.

On the other hand, you can search for people with key filters like their location, their company or their position. Then you can contact them directly through the Apollo.io interface.

Note that registration is free and gives you access to 100 free searches per month. However, you can opt for a paid account which gives you access to more features.
You can send to 250 emails by day and it’s also possible to create sequences by manually adding or removing contacts. You can also create automated or semi-automated sequences to increase your email engagement.

Are you in doubt about which engagement strategy you should follow? Apollo.io offers the A / B test functionality.


It is sometimes difficult to find all the elements to produce quality, original content in a minimum of time with attractive and readable visuals.

With some online tools websites, you can write your articles or simply publish your content. The devices are usually free to use and provide you with all the tools you need to create a good content.

We have gathered for you these free tools that will be able to speed up and / or optimize your content creation (blog articles, visuals, infographics, videos, logos, mockups,), to try them.

As seen:

-Grammarly is mandatory in order to avoid grammar mistakes

-Loom is simply perfect to record your screen and to explain for students, customers or your audience showing your computer and your face if you want to.

-Symbaloo is a great website to organize your favorite links in one page and by topics (highely used in the us)

-Renderforest. Many content creators, youtubers…. Are saying Renderforest is the best video creation tool worldwide. It contains: 3D animations and infinite awesome & stylish scenes you can use.

-Apollo is simply perfect for lead generation and sending emails to customer or your audience.

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