Renderforest Review: 8 Things You Extremely Need to Know Before Using It

janvier 15, 2022

Renderforest Review: 8 Huge Things You Extremely Need to Know Before Using It.

Renderforest Review

Imagine if you could make your own professional videos without spending a fortune.

Video is far away the most popular form of content online. According to a recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, it can produce some of the best ROI that marketers get from their efforts." 

The video also has some amazing benefits for people who use it. According to Entrepreneur, it works well and gives the websites life and personality.

It’s never too late to start making videos for your youtube channel, Blog/website or to promote your products/brands. When you start, the idea is to have fun and figure things out. There are lots of resources that help us learn skills and creating videos. This review is to help to get started on the right foot.

There are thousands of options out there and analysis, which is why it’s a daunting task to choose something that actually works well and gets you the results you are looking for. 

We will focus today about one of the most popular used video tools: Renderforest. Our purpose is to make a Renderforest review and see what are the top pons and cons of this cloud software. 

Particulary, we will see:

.Video Creation

.Social Media Tools

.Using Audio & Voicover

.Logo Intro

.Explainer Video in Renderforest

.Video Aspect Ration

.Free & Paid Options

.Other Tools in Renderforest

So, let's dive into this Renderforest review !

Renderforest Review

1. The Video creation Review

It's a powerful cloud-based video creation tool that allows you to create stunning videos in minutes. It has a wide array of templates and themes which can be customized by the user like adding text, images or even music.

In addition, there are templates for business events like product launch, corporate presentations and more. It's easy to use interface makes animation video creation intuitive and enjoyable for anyone.

If anyone wants to make 3d videos or motion animations then also Renderforest is very useful. It's easy to use interface makes animation video creation intuitive and enjoyable for anyone.

Check this video:

You can also import your own images, videos and audio files. What makes renderforest stand out from other video creation tools is that it's incredibly easy to use.

The process is broken down into 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Select a template that best suits your needs

Step 2: Add media (text, images, video clips and audio)

Step 3: Customize the text & align it to your liking

Step 4: Export the video for sharing on social media or download it for offline viewing. You can make your video completely free or you can even purchase a premium membership plan that comes with extra features such as unlimited video length, file size and much more.

That's not all about this Renderforest review. The tools contain many other things. 

2.Social Media tools with Renderforest 

Social media is one of the most effective ways to build a fan base and increase sales. There are some great reasons to use renderforest for social media and It's easy to use. It allows you to create beautiful images and videos without having to learn design or video-editing software. Tons of templates. 

You can choose from hundreds of templates that are already designed and just need your text added. Easy to share. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube are all built in. Just click "share" and the image will be sent directly to that account.

Public domain images. You don't have to worry about copyright issues because they offer a huge selection of public domain images that you can use any way you want.

People are in search of quality content to share on social media. If you create high-quality visual content with great graphics, images, and videos, then it will attract more visitors to your website.

Good quality visual content helps businesses to establish an online presence that is easy to remember. A good number of people prefer to share videos and graphics on social media rather than text posts.

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3.Using Audio & Voiceover in Renderforest

People are auditory learners. They absorb information better when it's in audio format. So, if you have a video that is valuable and informative, consider adding an audio version to your video as well.

The purpose of the audio version is to make the content more accessible to people who prefer to learn in an auditory fashion. This will allow more people to access the information in your video.

The use of audio and voiceover can make a huge impact on the success of your marketing campaign; it's what allows us to connect with our audience and build relationships through our videos.

This goes beyond just having a VO artist record something for you – it's about how we use the audio in conjunction with what you're saying to help sell your product.

While some companies choose to add music or sound effects to their videos, too much noise can overshadow what you're trying to say. It's always better to use less than more – adding a voiceover is an effective way to keep your message on track without any confusion.

If you're new to video marketing and don't feel comfortable speaking into a camera, there are plenty of other options available – like even talking over a previously recorded video. It all comes down to being authentic and letting your personality shine through while making sure that the message you're trying to send across is clear.

So, just go to the video you are working on and click in music. you will have a choice to add a music audi from the libray or to dowload audios from your desktop (voiceover, sounds, ...)

audio and voicover in renderforest

Rendeforest review - audio and voiceover

4. Logo Intro in Renderforest:

Let's say you are a student a freelance, graphic designer or you are traveling the world, then settled down with a family. You might need to put together an intro for your Youtube channel or maybe something with gaming,... here is where Renderforest comes in handy.

Add the logo intro you want quickly and easily even if you know nothing about video editing software.

Here is an example:

Logo intro is a special type of presentation. It is real easy to create logos, but creating an intro is more tricky as it needs to be well crafted to explain your business and what you do in a very short time. Usually, they are somewhere between 2-15 seconds long.

The Logo intro templates are a lovely and professionally animated video. It's a great way to introduce your business and create a nice atmosphere for your potential clients. It has many customizable options, you can easily change the text in any place of the project and simply add your logo.

These templates are perfect for any kind of logo intro, such as: sport clubs, gyms, fitness studios, health communities, personal trainers, groups of friends, family businesses and so on. It's really easy to use even if you are a beginner in After Effects, just drag and drop your logo or photo into the timeline and edit the text layers. You can get this cool intro in less than 20 minutes.

5. Explainer Video in Renderforest:

We have always been fascinated by video. The first time we saw something move on a screen, we knew that it was the future of communication. 

Explainer videos help us to explain our product or service in a short and simple way so that potential customers/audience understand what you do and why they should watch your video from you.

Explainer videos from Renderforest are one of the best ways to get the message across about your product/message quickly and effectively.

A good explainer video is easy to understand and should show how your product works. It should be short and give an insight into what your business is all about. You can use an explainer video for social media, a website or even TV advertising.

They are a great way to get people interested in what you do as well as familiar with who you are. It can make all the difference between someone buying from you or not. The process of creating it is relatively easy too, but if you don't know where to start, it can be difficult choosing the right tool.

Here is an example of an explainer video from Renderforest

It should be entertaining, with a compelling plot about your business and its benefits for customers. And it should be visually appealing, with professional-looking graphics. Explainer videos are becoming more popular as a lead generation tool. If you can create one, you can use it to attract potential customers/audience and build brand awareness.

6.Video Aspect Ratio in Renderforest:

We should also mention in Renderforest review the video aspect ratio.                 Do you need to pick the right aspect ratio for your video? There are three categories of aspect ratios in Renderforest you can use on your videos.

The most popular is Widescreen Video Aspect Ratio (16:9). Widescreen videos are those shot or encoded with an aspect ratio wider than standard 4:3. - The most common widescreen format used today is 16:9, which has been adopted by most high definition broadcasts and such devices as HDTVs and other digital displays.

In recent years, this aspect ratio has become more common on sites such as YouTube dueto its popularity with high definition videos from televisions, cinema and amateur videographers as well as its compatibility with high definition computer displays. And although widescreen videos take up more of your computer screen

It allows also their users to use (1:1) and (9:16) 

Video aspect ratio in renderforest

Renderforest review - video aspect ratio

7.Free & Paid options in Renderforest:

We can't make a Renderforest review without talking about its cost. Renderforest provides free and paid options. There are two kinds of accounts on renderforest. One is free, and the other one is paid. The free account can be used to publish one project at a time. The paid account has no limitation on publishing projects, with premium features available such as HD video output and FTP publishing. The difference between FREE and PAID account:

-Free Account: Free Account has some limitations, like the number of published projects, the size of published project, file format and output formats.

-Paid Account: No limitation on publishing projects, HD/4K video output, FTP publishing.

free & paid options in renderforest

8.Other tools in Renderforest:

There other tools you can use also in Renderforest:

-Mockups: You can create Professional Mockups in Minutes. Add Your Logo and Text. You choose the styled templates to create presentations. then, share Online or Download it.

-Build a website: Renderforest is the easiest to use, most powerful website builder. It's perfect for anyone who wants to create responsive websites without previous coding knowledge. 

-Design graphics: It allows you to create your own graphics. You have everything you need to design your own graphics, banners, headers and other marketing materials with hundreds of templates. 


Let me end with this: if you are a designer, video/content creator you should definitely give the site a chance. It has plenty of benefits and renders quality results. I’m certain that it will be a great asset to those Creative professionals out there who use online collaboration platforms for their work. Renderforest will become more popular as the years go by, so this is a good time to jump on the bandwagon and make your mark.

Renderforest has tried its best to provide the most user-friendly and intuitive app. It offers a lot of design options and features that should be more than enough to fulfill your needs and give you what you want. However, some additional video templates in 4K resolution are not included in the package. which mean you need to pay for this additional advantage.

Hope this Renderforest review was helpful.

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