What Is Apollo.io: 5 Awesome Things You Should Know

janvier 15, 2022

What is Apollo.io

Email marketing and lead generation can be a powerful combination when done correctly. If done poorly, they can also be a recipe for disappointment. This is why we made some researches about a tool that can make the job done for us. And we found Apollo.io. So, what is Apollo.io ?

In this post, you’re going to learn what is Apollo.io platform.

1-Apollo.io for Email Marketing

2-Apollo.io for Lead Generation

3-The Free and Paid Version

4-Apollo.io vs LinkedIn

5-Common questions

What Is Apollo.io ?

What is Apollo.io. Apollo.io logo - email marketing and lead generation
Apollo.io – Logo

Apollo.io is a marketing automation and lead generation tool that helps you follow up with new leads on your website. And nurture them into customers.

It’s used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses, startups, nonprofits, agencies and freelancers to automate their online marketing and sales teams.

Apollo.io is the only platform that combines email marketing, landing pages and lead capture into one unified workflow.

It allows you also to use easily the A/B test for your emails for maximum open rates.

So you’ll always send high-quality follow-up emails to your sales leads.

1-Apollo.io for Email Marketing

Do you want to reach your customers via email, but don’t have the time to do it manually?

Apollo.io can help! With its drip email marketing software solution that makes it easy to send bulk email campaigns in just minutes.

Email marketing is probably the most successful form of digital marketing. It is also a great way to interact with your customer base, build customer relationship and increase customer engagement.

Apollo.io for Email Marketing aims to make this process as easy as possible. And with the ability to integrate with LinkedIn, you’ll have the ability to reach your audience.

Apollo.io lets you create an automated drip email campaign that personalizes each message according to the targeted customer’s profile. And also buying stage in the sales funnel.

By doing this, you can increase your email campaign’s ROI by thousands of dollars! Here are some of the amazing features provided by Apollo. For emailing:

-Confirm the validated emails before sending them. It will help to reduce the bounced rate.

-Send directly professional emails to your audience. And you can add your signature at the bottom of your email.

-Reach people at a specific time once you have access to the platform.

-Add images in order to catch your prospects

-Analytics tools for tracking click rates and purchases from different stages in the sales funnel.

-Email templates that help you create every type of email campaign, including purchase receipts, invoices, and abandoned cart recovery emails.

Automatic drip email campaigns that help you hook your customers and increase conversions.

And to create and send emails with perfect timing, emojis and graphics that help to drive sales.

What is Apollo.io. statistics after sendig emails via the platform.

2-Apollo.io for Lead Generation

Apollo.io is a lead generation tool from LinkedIn. It enables you to get highly targeted leads through LinkedIn connections.

The tool has a number of features that make it stand out from its competitors:

– Leads can be found by Job Title, Company Name, and Salesperson Name, which enables in getting highly targeted prospects

– You can search for leads anytime and from anywhere; therefore, using Apollo.io will save your time (in terms of finding relevant contacts) and money (no need to hire any kind of expensive service providers)

– Once you have found a lead on Apollo.io, you will be able to filter it by various criteria:

Country, title, company name, salesperson name, industry and role.

– When you have filtered your leads and chosen the ones that best fit your business needs. Then, you can send them an email or call them immediately.

– As soon as your contact answers you and realizes that he is talking with a potential client.

Who might purchase his product or service, he will most likely give you his full attention.

What is Apollo.io. How to generate leads from Linkedin
Apollo.io- Leads from Linkedin

Apollo.io is a great solution for sales people, marketers, recruiters or anyone who needs to generate a large number of quality business leads. The service allows you to get in contact with your target audience within a few clicks. The process of getting in touch with your leads is easy and quick.

So, if you are asking what is apollo.io and what it offers for its users.

We will say Apollo provides you with phone numbers and emails of the users of LinkedIn. You can import the data into your CRM or call management tool and start calling your leads right away!

3-the Free and Pricing:

Apollo.io is a free and paid option, but there is a free trial on the premium account.

Trial Period: You get 14 free days of support, full access to all our courses and the ability to share your work publicly.

After the 14 days are over, you will have access to the Apollo Academy

(video tutorials), library of books and courses, live office hours and other resources, …

What is Apollo.io - Free & Paid options for using it
Apollo.io – Free & Paid options

By using the first 14 days on Apollo.io which are totally free, you can explore the interface. And get to know your way around without any pressure.

You can take this time to go through the tutorials and courses and upload your first projects.

You get the essentials tools for free, but by upgrading to a Premium account for added access to community of experts, …

4-Apollo.io Vs LinkedIn:

What is Apollo.io. Logo of Apollo.io and Linkedin that people use in BEB
Apollo.io vs Linkedin

LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals, allowing them to connect with other professionals and create a network.

The question, however, is which platform is better.

In this article, we’ll compare Apollo.io vs LinkedIn to try and find out which one is the best of the two platforms.

We already covered many sides about Apollo. So, let’s dive in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online business-oriented social networking service that allows its users to create their own professional profile page.

Also, to connect with others in their industry or who work in similar roles. Or companies via intranet-style messaging as well as by chat functionality.

Apollo.io vs LinkedIn: What are their key differences?

One major difference between the two platforms is the concept behind each of them. For example, LinkedIn is not an email marketing tool as Apollo.io is.

As seen, Apollo.io is a tool you can use to send massive emails and checking the results once the campaign starts.

With Apollo.io you can check the prospect profile once you get the results for your searches. So, it allows you to:

-Looking for your ideal prospect

-Company/industry/large, medium or small

-Checking the profile by clicking directly to the appropriate link

-Sending targeted emails

With LinkedIn, you can:

-Search for your prospect

-Filtering by company/sector, ….

-Sending an internal message (In mail)

-Or sending from outside LinkedIn by normal email

5-Common Questions:

What is Apollo.io, and How does it work?

Apollo.io isn’t your typical email marketing product. It’s a tool that helps you build, send, and track emails from your web or mobile app.

The software includes several features that make it even easier to use than other email marketing tools on the market.

Apollo.io makes it easy to create email templates, track opens and clicks. It enables you also to A/B test your content, and get detailed reports for every email campaign you run.

The software is packed with features that are specifically designed for marketers of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise-level clients.

Plus, it’s extremely easy to use. Even the most novice users will be able to learn the platform quickly and start sending campaigns in no time.

What is the difference between Apollo.io and Lusha ?

Apollo.io & Lusha are both awesome tools for selling products online.

If you’re selling a course, e-book or any other digital product, this is a great way to do it.

However, they are different in many ways. There are some differences that aren’t as significant as others, but you should be aware of them before deciding which tool to use.

Lusha has almost the same tools as Apollo.io. However, with the last one you can send directly massive emails or start a complete campaign directly from the platform.


If you want to get the most out of online marketing and to kick-start your growth, Apollo.io will soon be your best friend.

It’s a cloud-based marketing platform that helps online businesses get more customers, leads and sales using email and social media.

The standout feature is how it brings together all of the separate elements of your campaign into one single channel.

Making it easy to manage campaigns and track progress.

Apollo.io is a new kind of marketing platform that helps online businesses get more customers using their email list.

New features are added monthly, so you can scale with confidence and stay ahead of the competition using targeted email & campaigns.

During this post, we covered the topic “what is apollo.io” and we hope we answered also to many questions you searched for.

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