How Yo Make a Great Video for Marketing: Tips & Tricks 

septembre 9, 2022

Video for marketing

Video for Marketing

Making a video for marketing is not that easy as you might think. Having great content is not enough; you need to know how to make a video so that it will give your message better visibility. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that happens!

If you want your video for marketing to be more engaging and effective, you have to make great ones. But making a video isn’t easy — it’s time consuming, difficult and expensive. I’ll show you what works and how to create your first video for marketing.

Not everyone has the time or money to create video content.

So I wanted to share with you my best tips for creating a video for marketing your business.

Video for marketing strategies aren’t just for big brands — a lot of small businesses are using this powerful medium as well. Just think about it

So, let’s dive in !

        Video for Marketing

1-Define your goals:

Before you begin to create the video marketing you should think about the finality of you visual content.

Start planning your strategy by asking yourself what it is you want to achieve with your video content.

The main goal of a video marketing is to get the attention of your potential customers. Who are searching on the internet for products or services.

You can use videos to show them what you have to offer, as well as answering their questions and concerns.

One important thing is to make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want your video marketing to accomplish.

Before you start shooting, make sure that you know exactly what it is that you want to say in each one of them.

If you don’t have any ideas yet, try brainstorming with friends and family members until something interesting comes up.

In other words, what they are looking for ? what kind of product and service they are searching ? what are problems they want to resolve ? Any solution they want to have urgentely ? 

Your video for marketing should be like a kind of answers to those questions.

And if your video is done perfectly, you will wow your audience and engage them to follow your sales funnel.

2- Choose the topic of your video for marketing:

Let’s take a concrete exemple and a fantastic online tool you can use for this task.

Let’s say you are in video industry and you want to promote your service by creating a deep and powerful video for marketing.

Simply go answer the public  which is a great plaform that show what are the questions people are asking ? 

If we consult the platform similar web which is one of the best platforms to get data about any website in the world. It’s visited by +1 Million people every single month.

Below a screenshot:


If we go back to our exemple: video for marketing. we will just put that keywork in the website and we will get the results.

video for marketing

Video for Marketing -

We will see that the website: answer the public is showing all different questions that internautes are asking. 

Video for marketing

Video for Marketing -

As you can see, as a results, we have many kind of questions that you can use for your video for marketing strategy. 

When creating a video for marketing campaign, it is also very important that you choose the right platform for your videos. There are many different platforms available today, including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Choosing the right platform will depend on what audience do you want to reach out to. And how much budget do you have available at this moment.

3-Tell a Story in your video:

Tell a story in your video marketing.

A good video for marketing campaign has to tell a story, otherwise it’s just another boring piece of content.

It’s like the difference between an Ad and a movie trailer.

The trailer is usually longer and more detailed than an ad, but it’s still about selling something.

Your video marketing needs to be more than just another sales pitch.

It needs to be engaging and memorable so people will want to:

-Watch it again

– Share it with their friends

-or bookmark it for later viewing.

When you tell a story in your video marketing, you’re telling your audience a story about you and your business.

You’re telling them what your brand is about and why they should care about it.

But there’s more to it than that. By telling the story of who you are, you’re giving people a reason to:

Believe that your business is worthy of their time, attention and money.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of just showing off what you do.

But if people don’t understand why they should care about your business or want to hear more from you, then:

it doesn’t matter how great the product or service is.

Video marketing is a great way to engage your audience. It’s fast, easy and can be shared across multiple platforms.

You can use video in many different ways to tell a story and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Here is an example of video

another video 

Here are some tips on how you can tell a story in your video marketing:

Create a storyboard or script (no matter how long it is).

Use the same camera angles and music throughout the video.

Add text overlays at specific points in the video.

Use high-quality photos and graphics that support your message.

Don’t edit too much – keep it simple!

4- Choose a style for your Video: 

If you want to make your video marketing more engaging, it’s best to have a style that matches the message.

Let’s take an example. If you are trying to convince people that they should buy a product or service, then it will be better to focus on the benefits of this product or service.

The best way to inspire people, is to create a video on how amazing your product or service is.

Here is a video example

In case you are looking fo a branding video for social medias, below some examples:

Linkeding Branding

Youtube Branding

Instagram Branding

Facebook Branding

If you want to provide information about your products and services, then:

It will be better if you use an informative style for your video marketing.

 When you’re creating a video marketing strategy, it’s important to choose the right style and tone. This is especially true if you’re targeting a certain audience, because they will expect the video to match their expectations.

For example, if you want to create a video that targets parents with children of all ages, then your video, will need to be:

more formal than if you were targeting millennials or Gen Zs.

So, choose an appropriate style and tone for your target audience.

The most important element of a video is the message you’re trying convey. You should choose a style that matches the tone of your brand and business, and that fits the audience you are trying to reach.

If your video is for a more serious, professional audience, then stick to a serious tone. If it’s for an audience that is younger or more playful, then go with a more humorous tone.

Here are some tips for making great videos:

1) Choose the right format. There are many different kinds of videos out there. Some are better than others at getting people excited about your brand or product.

So it’s important to choose the one that works best for your audience.

2) Make sure it’s relevant and useful. Make sure your video has something useful to say.

Otherwise, it won’t help you connect with people in an effective way (and they won’t pay attention).

3) Create value for viewers by creating content that helps them solve problems or achieve goals (like “how-to” videos). That gives viewers


It is undeniable that marketing video will be one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote your brand on the web. Video should be considered as an important part of any business marketing campaign, regardless of the size of your brand. This is because when compared with other forms of content, video content has a greater chance at unique views and shares.

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing for many years now. According to statistics more than 70% of customers prefer to watch an explainer video about a product.

Rather than a long and boring brochure/website.

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